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At The Language Business, there is no such thing as a 'standard' course. Every client has individual needs and it is our aim to meet these as closely and as cost-effectively as possible.
We can offer various ways of delivering language training, both for groups - of up to ten - or for individuals. Training is normally delivered on client premises.

For many of our clients, committing to regular weekly sessions is more or less impossible because of the demands of business travel. The Language Business has therefore designed an innovative programme of supported distance learning.


The programme is an imaginative combination of the Accelerated Learning material - used mainly for self-study - and interactive workshops which take place at intervals throughout the course. Such programmes make minimum incursion into work time, while maintaining sufficient momentum and support to ensure a successful outcome. Such courses have been run with excellent results at a number of the company's major clients.

Supported Distance Learning

The company also offers weekly sessions of in-house training. These can take place before work, after work, or during lunchtime, as well of course as during the normal working day.


Such courses, in our experience, work best if the invididual or group involved is then going to put into practice fairly immediately the language acquired. Often such individuals will be preparing for a move abroad or for involvement in an acquisition or joint venture.

We can offer week-long courses; or five days of training can be delivered over a comparatively short period. We usually recommend that the individual undertakes such training away from the workplace to avoid the inevitable distraction that brings.


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