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The Language Business has available for sale a Dutch Accelerated Learning language course.

Dutch Language CourseIt was originally developed for use with one of our major clients, the Dutch airline KLM. Other Dutch courses for English speakers are - in our opinion - rather old-fashioned in both their content and their approach, and some are only in Dutch.

We therefore agreed with Accelerated Learning, publishers of the courses in French, German, Italian and Spanish, that we could produce a Dutch version. The course was professionally recorded with Dutch actors and language trainers and the workbooks were produced at Accelerated Learning.

The course consists of:

  • Two workbooks of over 200 pages each
  • Eleven CDs
  • The Name Game
  • The Secrets of Learning a Language

The material is presented in the form of a radio play, in 11 Acts. The scenes are acted out, with sound effects, placing you at the centre of the action. By making 'mental movies' of the action, you are registering the language visually as well as by auditory means. The accompanying memory maps help the visual learner, and there are many opportunities to physically register the language too.

The workbooks also contain many games and exercises to help you to become involved in actively acquiring the language. The emphasis throughout is on developing communicative skills which you can use in everyday situations.

The Name Game is an accompanying booklet which explains the strong links between the two languages. It makes clear the principles that allow you to identify many hundreds of Dutch words almost immediately.

The Secrets of Learning a Language explains how the course works and gives many practical tips for maximising the benefit from self-study.

The Language Business has used the course extensively with its business clients, notably KLM; but it is suitable for self-study, or for those taking private tuition, and many individuals have bought copies since it was launched in 1997.

Here are some comments from people who have used the course:

'I also wish to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the Dutch course. The effective learning techniques enabled me to acquire even more of the language than I had realised.'


'I would like to say how pleased I am with your Dutch Accelerated Learning course. I am currently consulting for a global organisation employing over 1300 employees worldwide. It is my intention to make their education department aware of your product.'


'The Dutch Accelerated Learning course is brilliant for use in the classroom; scenes can be acted out, dialogues used for role-play, and games and exercises used for group work. It is much more fun to teach using this compared with "traditional" material.'

The course costs £95.00. In addition, postage within the United Kingdom is £7.20, and VAT of £6.95 is payable on the CD element of the course. The total cost is therefore £109.15.
Postage rates to the European Union and to other countries are available on request. An invoice can be enclosed with the course and payment can be made by cheque or by bank transfer.


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