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The Language Business is the country's leading exponent of the Accelerated Learning approach to language training. The company pioneered this method in the late 1980s and has been using it successfully ever since.

Accelerated Learning is a training methodology. It is based on research into learning and memory; it applies these discoveries in a practical way to ensure both rapid and effective learning.

The technique acknowledges that each of us has a preferred learning style: some people are predominantly visual learners; others learn best by auditory means; still others prefer to learn through physical methods.

The Accelerated Learning language courses present material in all three ways, making acquisition of the language both easy and enjoyable.

The course material consists of workbooks, CDs, a video and supporting booklets. It is suitable for self-study, but learners with The Language Business will also benefit from sessions with our trainers, where the knowledge acquired through self-study is activated.

These sessions concentrate on developing and using the spoken language, allowing learners to communicate confidently in the target language from the beginning. Games, music, role plays and other interactive activities are all used to help learners acquire the language in a fun and relaxed environment.

Here are some comments from businesses that have undergone training with The Language Business using the Accelerated Learning materials and methodology:

Learning and Development Manager, Lubricants Company

'The Language Business has been delivering our language training for the last three years in French, German and Italian. The Accelerated Learning approach has meant that our managers have rapidly developed the communicative competence that they need. Because of the use of Accelerated Learning methodology, they view the language training on offer as aspirational and valued rather than tortuous and mandatory. It has enabled them to significantly improve relationships with our Continental European colleagues and clients.'

Manager, International Oil Company

'I have enjoyed the Accelerated Learning course and the training that The Language Business has delivered. I have become competent in Spanish in a much shorter time than I thought possible.'

For more information about the course material in French, German, Spanish and Italian, please visit the Accelerated Learning Systems site at
For further details on the course in Dutch, please click here


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